Living the ‘New Life’ after Youth Camp

The hardest day is always the one after the victory! We had such a victorious time on Youth Camp this year, I was so encouraged to hear so many peoples favourite part of he week was the evening rallies where it was clear that God was working in all of us!

You may have been back for a few days now and it may seem like your being tempted to go back to how you were before camp, especially if you were a leader on camp giving out a lot! We must resist that temptation – knowing that the enemy would love to rob us of what we received.

Don’t allow him, and don’t listen to the accusatory voice of condemnation if you do slip up – don’t stay there – repent and keep on moving forward.

Remember the enemy most wants to steal your identity! No matter what move forward with a repentant (change of attitude and direction) heart and know you are a child of God – Jesus has made you a ‘saint’ not a ‘sinner’.

I’ve pulled out the 4 steps from my talk on Thursday morning to remind you how to leave sin behind.

1. Consider yourself dead to sin

2. Stop associating with the old habits.

3. Develop self control to say no to temptation.

4. Fall more in love with the Kingdom of God than the Kingdom of self and sin.

The truth is God the Father has a glorious future in store for us as Pastor Sean taught us He has a purpose for each of us to bring about His glory. On Thursday night Pastor Darrell told us to close our eyes and get a picture of that future (I know what I saw) you must take what you saw and the words given to you to heart pray them in to existence!

Falling more in love with your future than your past will help you walk away from the old man too.


Written by Andrew Smallridge


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