Words #3

There is so much to say about the power of words to direct and effect our lives. The Bible rightly warns and guides us that the power to life and also death – is in the power of the tongue….if you speak positively and encouragingly to yourself and about your future it can only go better for you and you in fact create opportunities, you effect attitudes and you infect mindsets.

One of the most powerful things we can then do as young people is speak out the future we want today – remember this begins today and carries on tomorrow. It is a daily task to renew the mind and one of the best ways to do that is to speak out what you believe God wants for you today and then live as though it really is true.

I told you how for a number of years at school and in to college I spoke out my fears and doubts and I went through experiences that I hated and desperately don’t want you to go through. Remember that fears and doubt will come.

Moving to a new school/college/year group, doing exams or moving on to Uni or a job can be tough transitions, these can be anxious transitions and challenges – but if you have a doubt or fear don’t speak it out. Tell God, a parent or a mentor yes, but don’t dwell on your negative feelings this produces a future you do not want.

Rather build confessions that are positive, flip your confession around – only allow good stuff to come out and believe me you will see a change! Believe and confess and by the time the summer roles around you will be celebrating – great results/a new job/ or at least a way better attitude!

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