How Faithfulness Causes You To Be Limitless.

How do we live a limitless life? Faithfulness causes us to live a limitless life. There is an inherent difference between a glider and an aeroplane which is a lack of an engine. A glider is dependent on how and where you fly it. To fly an aeroplane a limited amount of faith is needed, there is always an engine to bail us out. As Christians we can be likened to gliders, we fly but we fly differently. Gliders do not fly under their own power and to live a limitless life is to live a life that is completely dependent on God. To live a life that is not powered by your own ability. God is faithful and He wants us to live differently. Be faithful to the purpose God formed you for, be faithful in the little things, let go of the things you need to let go of and stay in the Spirit, stay in the Word. Knowledge of God’s Word and the ability to flow with His Spirit will keep you in a limitless life.



Honour that is God’s kind of conduct. Sometimes there are things we need to do to be different. God puts a certain responsibility on us on how we need to behave around certain people. There is a code of conduct that God requires us to live by. To honour is to highly prize, to show respect, to glorify and to exalt and God says those that those who honour Him, He will highly prize, show respect, glorify and exalt. We need to have an attitude of honour when it comes to the Lord. We do not deserve honour but rather it is something we need to give. Honour is a spiritual attitude that will produce supernatural life in you. Honour gives us access to the presence of God. How are we treating God? We need to honour the things of God in every area of our lives and start doing what God wants us to do.

Moving in God’s Direction

What’s the most important thing to young people? What drives them? Being accepted. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be accepted but it becomes a problem when it becomes the most important thing above anything else. We will compromise everything in our lives just to achieve that important thing in our lives. Fear brings insecurity and faith brings security in our lives. Faith works through love. When we put God first in our lives we don’t need to look for acceptance amongst our peers, we can be the person whom God says we are and find our security and acceptance in God who doesn’t change.



The word the Lord gave me was arise. Tell them to arise, Isaiah 60:1, ”Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you”. God stirred this in my heart a vision in my heart a vision I had years ago that the outpouring and revival you’re desiring is going to come through the young people first. God has a significant plan He wants to execute and He’s looking for young people that will arise and say Lord I answer that call. Do you stand out or do you blend in? God is calling you to stand up, to arise and move into action.