Camp Kit List & Travel

This page includes all the detailed information you will need to know in order to help you plan for this awesome new camp.
The kit list is the same as last year at the new home of our Camp at the Poplars for,  Beloved! 2019 Youth Camp.
– Duvet cover (A must! rather than sleeping bags as we are in proper beds in dormitories)
– Pillow cover AND single bed sheet!
– A water bottle
– No need for cutlery bowls or mugs as they are provided!
– Flask for Hot Chocolate
– Toiletries – toothbrush, deodorant, soap, flannel, sunscreen & after sun lotion etc.
– Old trainers
– Extra socks
– Warm Jumpers
– Sun hat, Sun glasses
– Swimming costume (as we have a pool!) (appropriate swim wear please – nothing too revealing)
– Old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in (enough for a week)
– Plastic bags for dirty & wet clothes
– Towel or 2!
– Snacks
– Notebook & Pen (there will be devotions where you are expected to journal and we encourage note taking when being taught)
 – That’s it!!
We will be leaving Carmel City Church for the Camp site on Thursday 15th August, please arrive for 2pm.
Please be advised not to bring any more than one bag for your main luggage and one small bag to take on the bus with you. Pack only the essentials (listed above).
If you are coming from further afield we suggest you rendezvous at the Poplars from 4.30pm.
We will return to Carmel around 3:00pm on Tuesday 20th August so you can collect from Carmel. If some one else is collecting please let us know in advance.