Camp Rules

Carmel takes it’s peoples safety VERY seriously, it is always our heart that Church, Youth, Youth Camp be a safe place for all and therefore we have compiled some rules below that we expect all to live by on this Youth Camp.

01 The possession or consumption of alcohol, drugs including eciggaretts by any of the campers will not be allowed

02 No weapon of any sort or anything deemed to be a weapon by the leadership, including pen knives, will be allowed and will be confiscated if found and returned to the camper on return to carmel: centre.

03 No fireworks of any sort will be allowed on camp. If found they will be confiscated and destroyed.

04 Pornography will not be tolerated. If any camper is found accessing pornography there parents will be informend (in the case of a minor), or to your senior pastor for your discipleship (in the case of an adult).

05 Inappropriate behaviour with a member of the opposite sex will not be tolerated. Appropriate behaviour is deemed to be within those boundaries established by the Church. This will be monitored by the camp leadership and we respectfully ask you to adhere to the ruling.

06 Delegates will not be allowed in the accommodation of the opposite sex. If you are found in such a circumstance be aware that you will be expelled from the camp.

07 During free time there will be certain no go zones, anyone found in these areas will be dealt with accordingly. Members of the opposite sex must also not be alone in private.

08 You will be required to shower everyday. A wash will not do as we will be living in close quarters and spending our day doing a lot of activity. Please don’t give the leadership the onerous task of telling you that you stink!

09 At no time during the camp are you permitted to leave the campsite accept in an emergency, where you will be escorted by a member of the camp leadership team.

10 Phones are NOT permitted. We want to encounter the Holy Spirit not our flesh. If needed please contact Andrew Smallridge the Youth Pastor.

GOLDEN RULE: Any abuse of any form will not be tolerated and dealt with. Bullying is not acceptable on any level, we desire to respect and build up all members of the camp at all times.

(The leadership team reserve the right to update rules when needed on site)